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The Sinclair ZX Spectrum Could Soon Be Investible

August 2017

Revivals - A Billion Dollar Niche In The Video Game Market - Could Soon Be Investible

Next month Japanese video game company, Nintendo, launches its latest video game revival - the Super NES Mini.

The device, a miniature video game console, is a revival of the 1990 console - the Super NES. It looks like and does much of what the original did, using more convenient 21st century tech.

The Super NES Mini follows last December's NES Mini, another miniature video game console revival, of which some USS150 million worth were sold in just five months.

Now a British company, Elite Systems, believes its own device - the Recreated ZX Spectrum - a revival of the eponymous 1980s' home computer, could be set for great things and so is seeking expressions of interest from VCTs ... it already has interest from equity crowd-funding platforms.

Steve Wilcox, is Elite's Director and a co-founder of the 33 year old, family owned video game company. He says there's recently been a significant uptick in sales of the Recreated ZX Spectrum and he believes 150,000-200,00 unit sales of the revival of the 5-million unit selling home computer is on the cards. 

For further information financial journalists (and investment managers) are invited to:

Call: 07775 696564 (Steve Wilcox)

Message: steve.wilcox@elite-systems.co.uk

Go Online: http://RecreatedZXSpectrum.com http://elite-systems.co.uk

Amazon "Best Sellers in Consoles":

Registered Office: ELITE SYSTEMS LIMITED, LICHFIELD, WS13 7AU, UNITED KINGDOM, Incorporated in England in 1984. Co. #01840901

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