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Temporary Withdrawal From App Stores
February 2014

Arising from public statements, made by some of the developers who’s ZX Spectrum games are included or are included as in-app purchases in the ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection and ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection HD iOS apps, I took the decision to temporarily withdrawer both apps from the iTunes App Store. That happened at 8am (UK time) - 1st February, 2014. Subsequently I took the decision to withdraw all* of Elite Systems 8-bit games and apps - including our own games - from all of the app stores from which, until recently, they have been available. I do not know how long this process will take.

The public statements are far too wide wide-ranging to be addressed in this single response. However I acknowledge that I, as a Director, may have failed in my duty to ensure that some of the reports and some of the payments - due to the ZX Spectrum game developers, with whom Elite has contractual relationships - were made in accordance with the agreed terms. I am working toward that unacceptable position being remedied within the next 28 days, sooner if possible. I believe that all of the ZX Spectrum games included or included as in-app purchases within the above referenced apps were included with written consent, where such consent is available but I will need to review the written records relating to some 200 games before making a more fully informed comment.

The game developers who made the public statements have been urged to set out any and all issues which they wish to be addressed in writing and send them to us directly, using the email address below. I will then investigate and respond in writing and in detail and if able to do so will place our response in the public domain. Email: eightbitgamers@hotmail.com Note: on Friday I received in excess of 450 emails to my usual email address and our domain handler was unavailable, hence the dedicated address. Additionally, I am now writing directly to each of the ZX Spectrum game developers, using their last known email and / or postal address.

It’s believed that existing users of the above referenced apps and the associated in-app purchases will continue to be able to use them as normal. However new in-app purchases will not be possible unless and until the above referenced apps are once again available from the apps stores. Currently it is not known if and if so when that will be.

This has been a personally chastening experience

Sincerely – Steve Wilcox, Elite

All future statements relating to this matter will be made from this site and domain only.

*: Some apps are still available, despite attempts being made to have them removed from sale using the app stores’ dashboards. We will contact the app stores concerned and ask for their assistance in removing the apps. I think it is inappropriate for Elite Systems to continue to accrue revenue from the sale of the 8-bit games and apps whilst some of the reports and some of the payments - due to the ZX Spectrum game developers, with whom Elite has contractual relationships - are outstanding.

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