Elite Systems Ltd, the long established UK based developer and electronic publisher of games for portable and mobile devices is proud to announce that it's bringing "R-Type™" - Irem's legendary coin operated
arcade game - to mobile.

Speaking about the game Elite®' MD Steve Wilcox said: "Put simply … R-Type™ is the definitive 80s shooter. No arcade game fan worthy of the name should be without it."

"A challenging, but ingenious shoot-‘em-up with lots of power- ups and superb level design - great for the pro’s! " - www.airgamer.de "A challenging, but ingenious shoot-‘em-up with lots of power-ups and superb level design - great for the pro’s!" - www.airgamer.de

Into battle! Blast off and destroy the evil Bydo Empire, a terrifying combination of biological and mechanical life forms! Use your force and cunning to kill the relentless aggressors. Pick up power-ups as they appear to give you extra strength and fire power; Including, air-to-ground, reflective, air-to-air, heat-seeking lasers, and speedups.

Only when you have progressed through all 8 stages, and defeated the daunting end of level monsters will humanity finally be safe!

The legend: Originally created by humankind in the late 26th century, the Bydo race were accidentally lost in a wormhole. After an eternity of travelling the space-time continuum, they eventually evolved, and slipped back through time in order to attack humanity in the 22nd century.

As a result, you must pilot the R9 fighter ship to fight the unstoppable returning menace!

History: First launched in 1987 as an Irem arcade game, R-Type was said to have "the most visually intriguing screen graphics ever to come to the video arcade". Consequently R-type was transported to home computer formats and sold more than a million throughout Europe / Australasia in the 80s and early 90s.

Having been successfully republished on multiple platforms, including PS2, Elite is tremendously proud to bring this arcade classic to mobile!
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R-Type™ and © 1987-2007 Irem Corp. (P) 2007 Elite Systems Group Ltd