The 'Officially Licenced' mobile phone game version of the 80's SUPER smash-hit coin-operated arcade game from Elite / Technos

In this retro classic you play one of two siblings Billy and Jimmy, each trained in the art of Sousetsuken, in a battle against a violent American street gang known as the Black Warriors. Your aim is to rescue Billy’s lover Marian who has been captured by the Black Warriors.

Three challenging levels:
You start in a street, move into a factory then end up in a castle. There are a variety of moves such as kicks, elbows, head-butts, uppercuts, kneeing in the face and throws. You can steal weapons from enemies such as knives, clubs, whips and more to use them against any of the enemies. You can also use oil drums and crates to throw at your enemies. If you run out of time you will lose a life. There are also instant die situations when you tread carefully and avoid holes so be on your guard at all times...

Also featuring fully interactive Training
/ How To Play Mode in which players can learn and practice each of the moves available to them in the game before play commences.

“It’s a good version, and it’s very fast … “ - Oscar Casado, Vodafone Live! Spain

“Super challenging game play … good selection of special moves to master …” - W-Gamer review

History: First launched in 1987 by Technos as a coin-operated arcade game “Double Dragon” became an instant success. “Double Dragon” spawned a number of coin-operated arcade game sequels including “Double Dragon II: The Revenge” and “Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone” … along with a full length feature film, an animated TV series and a range of merchandise including classic action figures, trading cards and comics. “Double Dragon” was ported to home computer formats by Virgin and sold in Europe throughout the 80s and 90s. It was also widely available for Nintendo’s Super NES & NES and Sega’s Mega Drive & Master System consoles.

Double Dragon (TM) and (C) 1987 Technos Japan Corp. Double Dragon EX (TM) &
(C) 2005, Million Co. Ltd (P) 2006 Elite Systems Group Ltd