The 'Officially Licenced' mobile phone game version of the 80's smash-hit coin-operated arcade game from Elite / SNK



Rescue General Alexander Bonn from the hands of the revolutionary soldiers that are holding him captive. Clear the most levels. Get the highest score. Avoid the enemies.


The enemies with the coloured helmets drop bonuses when destroyed. The 'K' bonus destroys all the enemies. The 'A' bonus gives 'mega' bullets / shells. The 'R' bonus gives 'mega' grenades. Collecting the 'I', 'K', 'A', 'R' and 'I' bonuses earns an extra life in the revised game. 'GAS' refuels the tank. 'POW' replenishes the ammunition. Mines and incoming shells damage tanks. Damaged tanks move slowly. Badly damaged tanks stop, then explode … so get out ! Mines explode if walked / driven on.

HOW TO PLAY (Nokia 6600 version, others may vary)

Press D-pad 'UP' to walk forward

Press D-pad 'DOWN' to move walk backward
Press D-pad 'LEFT' to walk left
Press D-pad 'RIGHT' to walk right
Press '4' or '5' to rotate left
Press '5' or '6' to rotate right
Press '7' or '9' to throw a grenade or get-in / get-out of a tank
Press '8' to fire a bullet (when standing) or to fire a shell (when in a tank)
Hold '8' to repeat-fire a bullet (when standing) or to repeat-fire a shell (when in tank)
Use the right 'Soft-key' to pause the game


Ikari Warriors™ © 1986-2004 SNK Corp / Playmore Inc
(P) 1987-2004
Elite Systems Ltd