The 'Officially Licenced' mobile phone game version of the 80's smash-hit coin-operated arcade game from Elite / Tecmo.


First launched in 1984 as a Tehkan (now Tecmo) arcade game, Bombjack was ported to home computer formats by Elite and sold 300,000 in Europe throughout the 80s and early 90s

Now Elite, brings this classic game to your mobile...

In this colourful single-player “jump ‘n’ run” retro classic you play a caped crusader Jack. Your aim is to collect the bombs in the ‘correct order’ and maximise the bonuses without getting caught.

Whilst jumping-up and floating down you can steer Jack toward bombs and bonuses and away from the enemy hoards. You can also invoke Jack’s hover mode which enables him to traverse the screen whilst descending much more slowly. The longer you take to clear the screen the more aggressive the enemy characters become.

There are five backdrops and a multiplicity of platform and bomb configurations. Collecting 20 or more ignited bombs gives a bonus after the level’s cleared. Collecting (P) coins disables the enemies. Collecting (B) coins increases the score multiplier.

Bombjack™ and © 1984-2005 Tecmo Ltd. (P) 1986-2005 Elite Systems Ltd