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Title: Dragons Lair
Dirk the Daring must face many perils to rescue Princess Daphne from... the evil Dragon's Lair

Top 40 Hit! More than 100,000 sold!

Original Release Date: 1988
Formats: Spectrum/C64/Amstrad/NES/SNES

Long ago, in a magical time, a good King named Aetheired ruled a peaceful kingdom. Now his kingdom has many treasures, but its greatest prize was Princess Daphne, the King's only child. Brave Knights and handsome Princes came from afar just to pay her court, for she was a maiden of exceeding beauty and grace.

But, although they laid vast riches at her feet and pleaded most earnestly for her hand, Princess Daphne refused them all. For her heart had long been given to another . . . Dirk the Daring, the King's champion and bravest Knight.

Then one dark day, Singe, an evil dragon who ruled over a shadowed land, appeared in Aetheired's kingdom and demanded that the King deliver up his kingdom and people to him. When Aetheired refused Singe's vile demand, the monster kidnapped the beautiful Daphne and imprisoned her in a crystal sphere in the horrible dungeons beneath his enchanted castle. Singe then sent Aetheired this message:

Relinquish your kingdom before the setting sun or your beloved daughter will perish. Aetheired and all the people of the kingdom were plunged into despair. All except for Dirk who vowed to go to the enchanted castle and free the Princess . . . if he could survive the dungeon's many perils . . . if he could reach the Dragon's Lair.


Magical Arcade Adventure
9 Spectacular scenes to battle through
Follow Dirk's quest to rescue the princess from the clutches of the evil Dragon

Dragon's Lair and Bluth Group Ltd. are Registered Trademarks owned by and used under License from Bluth Group Ltd.

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