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Title: Double Dragon EX
The 'Officially Licenced' mobile phone version of the 80's SUPER smash-hit coin-op' game from Elite / Technos

In this retro classic you play one of two siblings Billy and Jimmy, each trained in the art of Sousetsuken, in a battle against a violent American street gang known as the Black Warriors. Your aim is to rescue Billy’s lover Marian who has been captured by the Black Warriors.

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Check with your Mobile Phone Network for availability. This title is compatible with the following phones and available in the following languages:

Motorola C980  
Motorola V525  
Motorola V550  
Motorola V980  
Nokia 3220  
Nokia 3650  
Nokia 6020  
Nokia 6101  
Nokia 6230  
Nokia 6230i  
Nokia 6280  
Nokia 6600  
Nokia 6630  
Nokia 6680  
Nokia 7610  
Nokia 7650  
Nokia n70  
Panasonic vs3  
Panasonic X701  
Sagem myv76  
Sagem my400v  
Sagem MYC52  
Sagem myc52v  
Sagem MYV55  
Sagem myv56  
Sagem MyV65  
Sagem MyV75  
Sagem myz5  
Samsung D500  
Samsung d600  
Samsung E310  
Samsung e770  
Samsung E810  
Samsung e860v  
Samsung x660v  
Samsung z105  
Samsung z140  
Samsung z500v  
Samsung z540  
Samsung zv10  
Samsung zv30  
Sharp 703  
Sharp 802sh  
Sharp 902sh  
Sharp 903  
Sharp GX15  
Sharp gx17  
Sharp GX25  
Sharp GX30  
Siemens C65  
Siemens c72v  
Siemens c75v  
Siemens CX65  
Siemens cx70  
Siemens M65  
Siemens S65  
Sony Ericsson f500i  
Sony Ericsson K300i  
Sony Ericsson K700i  
Sony Ericsson K750i  
Sony Ericsson s600i  
Sony Ericsson S700i  
Sony Ericsson slvrl7  
Sony Ericsson v360v  
Sony Ericsson V800  
Sony Ericsson w800i  
Sony Ericsson w900i  
Sony Ericsson Z1010  
Sony Ericsson z520i  

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