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Title: The Adventures Of Dr. Franken
Franky must collect the body parts and put his girlfriend Bitsy back together.

Original Release Date: 1993
Format: Super Nintendo

Franky and his beloved girlfriend Bitsy have decided to take a holiday. Unfortunately, Bitsy does not have a passport. Not to be thwarted, our spare part hero has a cunning plan. He dismantles Bitsy, parcels her up and posts her to their holiday destination - New York.

The result is predictable! The combination of Franky's lack of brain cells and the incompetence of the Transylvanian postal service has scattered Bitsy across the globe.

Franky must now embark on a global journey to retrieve the missing parcels and restore Bitsy to his side.


- 20 huge levels including 4 bonus levels all on a massive 8 Mega bit cartridge
- In game music composed and recorded by 'Dark Knight' of 'Unyque Artists'
- Stunning graphics
- Breathless animation and special effects
- A truly tremendous visual experience

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