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As Stringfellow Hawke, you must guide AIRWOLF on a series of perilous night-time hostage rescue missions.

Best Seller! More than 300,000 sold!

Original Release Date: 1984
Formats: Spectrum/C64/Amstrad/C16/BBC/800

As Stringfellow Hawke, a former Vietnam chopper pilot, and the only man in the free world trained to fly the billion dollar helicopter 'AIRWOLF' you have been assigned a dangerous rescue mission by the FIRM.

Five important U.S. scientists are being held hostage deep in a subterranean base beneath the scorching Arizona desert. As Hawke, you must guide AIRWOLF using stealth capabilities, on a series of perilous night-time missions and bring about the release of each scientist in turn. Only destruction of the defense control boxes strategically positioned within the cavern will allow AIRWOLF to descend to the heart of the base where the scientists are held.


- Realistic simulation of helicopter control
- Superb graphical representations
- Frantic arcade action
- L.S.A. (Large Scale Animation)
- Full gravity and momentum with 64 directional smooth scroll

1984 Universal City Studios, Inc. All Rights Reserved. AIRWOLF
* A trademark of and licensed by Universal City Studios Inc.

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