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Title: Storm Warrior
The Prince must save the Kingdom from the spell of an evil Witch Queen. Trust only your sword

Original Release Date: 1989
Formats: Spectrum/C64/Amstrad

Darkness has descended upon the land. The evil Witch Queen has cast a curse upon the Kingdom, summoning an awesome thunderstorm destined to last for one hundred years.

Torrential rain, howling winds, floods and lightning will wreak death and destruction across the land, ruining crops and destroying villages, unless her malignant spell can be broken.

It is your duty as Prince of the Kingdom to rid your people of this terrible enchantment, and to restore peace and tranquility to their lives.

Armed only with a sword, your first task is to find her hellish castle, from where she and her undead guards control the elements. Beware of her awesome power: trust no-one, for no-one is safe from her spells and may be turned against you at any time.

Remember ... trust no-one ...


- Battle against the elements to rid the Kingdom of the Witch Queen's curse
- Amazing Sword Skills required - can you cut it?

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