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Title: Roller Coaster
Prepare yourself for the greatest rides on Earth! 60 screens of thrills and spills in the fairground

Original Release Date: 1985
Format: Spectrum

Roll up, roll up, for all the thrills and spills of the greatest rides on Earth! All the fun of the fair is right here at your fingertips, so prepare yourself for the most exhilarating time of your life!

See the miners at work in the Gold Mine; ride the Ghost Train (if you dare) and go for a breathtaking ride on the Log Flume - but don't get your feet wet! Sixty fast-moving, all-action screens are awaiting your discovery, your final conquest being the vast, high-speed and stomach-churning ROLLER COASTER. Ride it at your peril!


- 94% rating in Crash magazine
- 60 full screens for hours and hours of fairground fun
- Log Flume, Roller Coaster, Big Wheel, Ghost Train ... everything you'd expect from a day out at the fair

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