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Title: Mighty Bombjack
This time Jack must fight the demon king Beelzebut to rescue King Pamera, his queen and the fair princess

Top 40 Hit! More than 100,000 sold!

Original Release Date: 1990
Formats: C64/Atari ST/Amiga/PC

You and Jack must challenge the king demon Beelzebut to a final fight to the bitter end. Beelzebut has abducted the merciful King Pamera, his queen & the fair princess. He has imprisoned them in his cursed pyramid.

The mighty brothers fought bravely against Beelzebut and failed. Jack - the youngest of all the brothers - must restore peace and order in the world. He needs your help.

You remember Jack don't you? You helped him in the arcade version of Bombjack. Now you can take him home. Fight the good fight!!

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