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Title: Last Battle
Aarzak must find the secret of Jet-kwon-do to defeat the evil warriors and rescue Alyssa

Original Release Date: 1989
Formats: C64/Atari ST/Amiga/PC

All is not well with the world!

A great war had devastated the land and a nefarious power had established an empire where the good people were like slaves.

Using the secret martial art of Jet-kwon-do, the mighty Aarzak and his 2 companions Alyssa and Max, went to battle against Duke, Master of Tae Kung Fu. Although they were victorious and peace reigned, the 3 most evil warriors escaped.

One day they staged a surprise attack on the city and captured Alyssa, taking her to the land of the unknown. Aarzak followed her trail and prepared to fight the 3 seemingly invincible heroes.

Can Aarzak break the secret of Jet-kwon-do and learn how to defeat these foes and rescue Alyssa? Fight the "Last Battle" and find out!

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