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Title: Hopping Mad
Bounce your way through deserts, forests, space, popping balloons...

Original Release Date: 1988
Formats: Spectrum/C64/Amstrad

The pressure's on to be one jump ahead.

Your opponent played first. Globe-hopping through the world and into space, he's skilfully avoided everything that could cost him a 'life'. And as he's gobbled and popped almost all the apples and balloons on the way, he's leapt his way to a brilliant score. He's pleased. You're not.

Now it's your go. In the forest, you escape the jaws of set after set of ball-eating plants, duck the bees and birds, over the hedgehog, under the rising ball. Perfect!

But the seaside's no picnic - straight away you land on a lizard. Pop! One life lost. And you're down on score. Bounding on, you approach cacti, and approaching you is a balloon, closely followed by rooks. You could glide safely over the cacti, or jump for the balloon - risking death at the claws of the birds.

Three balls, three lives left. Lose them and there's no bouncing back. But you need those points.


- Selection of up to 14 colourful back-drops, ranging from desert, forest, even space
- Smooth, horizontally scrolling bounce action
- Totally addictive fun game play

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