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Title: Gremlins 2 - The New Batch
As Billy, can you and Gizmo defeat the hordes of Gremlins in Clamp Plaza and stop them with a cunning plan?

Top 40 Hit! More than 100,000 sold!

Original Release Date: 1990
Formats: Spectrum/C64/Amstrad/Atari ST/Amiga/PC

Its been a number of years since the Gremlins™ night of carnage in the peaceful town of Kingston Falls™ and Gizmo™, the sweet Mogwai™, is back under the protection of Mr. Wing™, the old Storekeeper in New York's Chinatown. Mr. Wing™ has been rejecting offers from Super tycoon Daniel Clamp™ to buy his store to clear the way for a huge real estate development, but the old man passes away and after a few months Clamp Plaza™ is now a reality.

Working in the complex, which contains shops, restaurant, a stock brokerage and cable T.V. network, are Billy Peltzer™, Gizmo's™ previous owner and his girlfriend Kate™. Now Billy™ is a commercial artist in the Clamp™ advertising department, and Kate™ is a tour guide for the Complex.

Unbeknown to Billy™ and Kate™, Gizmo™ is now a prisoner in Clamp's™ genetics laboratory, awaiting experimentation. But when Billy™ hears a messenger absentmindedly humming Gizmo's™ familiar song, he realises his Mogwai™ friend is nearby. Billy™ manages to find Gizmo™ and free him. Billy™ leaves Gizmo™ in what he thinks is the safety of his desk drawer with instructions for Kate™ to pick up the Mogwai™ after work. However Gizmo™ decides to explore Billy's™ office and accidently becomes wet as a maintenance man tries to fix a faulty drinking fountain. The four new Mogwais™ Mohawk™, Lenny™, George™ and Daffy™ immediately dump Gizmo™ into a vent and head off into the vast Clamp Plaza™ to make mischief.

After a midnight feast the mischievous Mogwais™ re-appear the following morning as Gremlins™ with their own unique brand of humour and love of destruction. All hell breaks loose in Clamp Plaza™ as a fire sprinkler system produces Gremlins™ galore who then cause chaos trading stock, running the Cable T.V. studio and drinking experimental liquids in the genetics lab, which produces weird and dangerous mutations.

Mayhem ensues, meanwhile Gizmo™ who has had enough of being pushed around, is preparing to fight back and Billy™ is making plans to dispose of the marauding Gremlins™ before nightfall when they will be able to run riot around New York.

Can you, as Billy™, survive the journey through Clamp Plaza™, combatting the hordes of Gremlins™ on the loose, with occasional help from Gizmo™, and collect all of the parts necessary for your plan to destroy the Gremlins™ for good?

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