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Notice of Exclusive Licence
Commodore Licence Agreement
April 2019

15th Apr, 19

Elite renews exclusive C=Commodore licence agreement.

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On 1st Apr, 19 Elite was granted an exclusive licence to use the mark(s) C=Commodore, together with their associated imagery, on certain apparel. Consequently, only Elite may develop, market and sell such apparel throughout the UK.

C=COMMODORE (C) 2019. Manufactured Under EXCLUSIVE Licence By Elite. All Rights Reserved.

Contact: Elite Systems Ltd
E.: steve.wilcox@elite-systems.co.uk
T.: +44 777 569 6564
W.: http://elite-systems.co.uk

Notice of Exclusive Licence (August 2019)
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Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy et al

35 Years Old Today. Happy Birthday Elite. (August 2019)
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Elite Systems Ltd was co-founded on 14th August 1984 by Brian Wilcox and his son Stephen Wilcox.

Statement: Intellectual Property Rights (May 2019)
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For and on behalf of Elite Systems Group Ltd et al

Notice of Exclusive Licence (April 2019)
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Commodore Licence Agreement

Jan-Michael Vincent (March 2019)
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Your game was over far too soon.


The 'Officially Licenced' mobile phone game version of the 80's smash-hit coin-op' arcade game from Elite / SNK



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