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Ultima IV: C64 - iOS - Progress with Bug Fixing
The iOS app has been offline since about 3rd Oct, pending maintenance. 'Apologies. We are working hard to get the app fixed and back online asap.
October 2013

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The source of an issue which has caused a number of players to report that their copy of 'Ultima IV: C64' occasionally 'freezes' during play has been identified and has been fixed. However, during testing of the updated app, three additional issues were identified by players and - following investigation - it was decided that these too needed to be fixed. To avoid adding to the number of players frustrated by these issues, the iOS app was taken off line late last week.

We anticipate that the next build of the iOS app, in which these additional issues have been addressed will be ready for testing and then submission to Apple later today (9th Oct). If so, we anticipate that subject to Apple’s approval, the updated app - in which fixes for the ‘freezing’ issue and these additional issues have been implemented - will be available as a free update to all players in 7 to 10 days. In the interim, we intend that the app remain offline.

‘Ultima IV: C64’ is a near 100% replica of ‘Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar’ and is free-to-download - courtesy of Mythic studio - utilizing Elite System’s C64: Elite Collection technology.

Previously we wrote, "Sadly, once the app is updated many of the saved games (from the existing version of the app) will no longer work. If you try to use an old saved game in the new version of the app you may be able to walk around the world map, but you will experience corruption if you try to enter a town/castle/dungeon/moongate. In this circumstance, or with any other problem with an old save game, the only thing you can do is start again. We apologise for this but are relieved to be able to report that (we think) we've addressed the issue and that gamers will soon be able to enjoy this genre-defining RPG as we and others intended."

Steve Wilcox, Elite's MD noted, "The app is constantly evolving, Elite Systems is committed to continuing development over the weeks, months and indeed years ahead. If you have any questions, concerns or general feedback please contact us at support@elite-systems.co.uk We promise we’ll respond to your message. Subject to Apple's approval, an updated app in which the issues have been fixed, should be available from the App Store toward the end of w/c 14th Oct, 2013"


•Digital copies of materials included in the original Ultima IV including the ‘Player Reference Card by Lord British,’ ‘History of Britannia as told by Kyle the Younger,’ ‘Book of Mystic Wisdom as told by Philpop the Weary,’ ‘Ultima IV Map of Britannia,’ and assorted images
•Helpful in-game guide to help you master gameplay as well as an in-depth gameplay guide for Beginners, courtesy of GameFAQS **Spoiler Alert**
•Enjoy playing Ultima IV in portrait or landscape mode
•Automatically save your game each time you exit with up to four save game slots


© 1986, 2013 Electronic Arts Inc. EA and Ultima are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc.

App Store and other URLs:
‘Ultima IV: C64’ (USA, Canada, Japan) http://tinyurl.com/n8uuf7n
‘Ultima IV: C64’ (Rest of the World) http://tinyurl.com/o6yr43n
Story http://tinyurl.com/kwepprp

Press Contact:
Elite Systems ... Steve Wilcox
12a Lombard Street
Lichfield, WS13 6RD, United Kingdom
E: paperboy@elite-systems.co.uk
WWW: http://elite-systems.co.uk
Twitter: @elite_systems

About Elite: Incorporated in England in 1984, Elite was originally a leading developer and publisher of groundbreaking games for the Sinclair Spectrum and Commodore 64 home computer systems... Today Elite is a highly-specialised developer AND publisher of game software products for handheld, mobile and wireless systems; providing mobile network operators and selected other partners around the globe with "the best names in mobile games".

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