Rights to Elite Systems Ltd's Console Games et al
(Subject To Contract)
February 2020

Inspired in part by a recent approach from another publisher and to coincide with an upcoming Kickstarter, Elite has decided to make its entire "console game" catalogue available for:

- licence and

- outright purchase, (including streaming rights).

Elite's "console game" catalogue comprises more than 60 games, including many wholly-owned IPs, like Virtuoso.

A pack shot of each of the 60 plus games, along with a link to further information, is included in a document which is available from a link below.

It’s likely we’ll announce the games’ availability as a by-product of the planned publication of a book, ‘The Story Of Elite’.

The book is currently in development by British journalist, Chris Merriman.

The book is likely to be the subject of a crowd-funding campaign in Q2. It’s release is targeted for Q4.

They’ll be more information at this link:

Elite's "console game" catalogue. (Updated 26th Feb '20)

Rights to Elite Systems Ltd's Console Games et al

February 2020 - View

(Subject To Contract)

Notice of Exclusive Licence

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Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy et al

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Elite Systems Ltd was co-founded on 14th August 1984 by Brian Wilcox and his son Stephen Wilcox.

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Your game was over far too soon.



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